Born and raised New Yorker, I am the youngest of 3 with 2 older brothers. I am an avid gamer and enjoy working on and pc gaming. 7 years ago I met my husband on World of Warcraft and since then have been together. It has been my life for 10 years, and is, at this point, apart of me as anything else.

I started my college life not knowing what I wanted to do and played it safe with a Liberal Arts major. One day I found myself interested in Graphic Arts and decided to major in it. I graduated college in 2009 magna cum laude with a bachelors of technology in graphic arts production management. Unfortunately, I never could quite find my niche in such a competitive field, and continued in my current job/field as a front desk manager at a veterinary clinic on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I will forever love the graphic arts field, and do as much in it as I can on the side. No matter how small the project, I still find it to be satisfying to complete something and be able to feel proud of it.

8 years later and I am still in the veterinary field looking for a new outlet, hopefully. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, otherwise I would not have stayed on for as long as I have, but I know there is something else out there.

Baking has definitely become my area of zen. Ever since I got married and moved out, I’ve enjoyed the independence of being able to cook my own meals and bake something. All jokes aside, cooking is nice, but I really enjoy baking. I have a huge sweet tooth, and being able to make sweets and share with others provides me with such joy.