Hello 2017! It’s been awhile

I feel as though sometimes I have the attention span of a fly. It has been just about 3 months since I last posted anything and there has been oh so much baking that has happened in that short time span.

My blogging efforts sort of felt flat when I just kinda couldn’t keep up with it, let alone remember. I become so enthralled with baking, and with Sunday being my only day really to catch up on chores, unwind, and of course bake, it seems as though blogging got lost in the shuffle. But I’ll admit I did miss it! It’s a new year and I will try my best to keep up with a weekly post as often as I can.

Any who, have you seen the cover photo for this post? It is just about drool worthy and was my first baked item of 2017. Found this great red velvet bundt cake recipe that I just had to try for myself. If anyone knows me I am a lover of all things red velvet and what was one form I had yet to create it in? A bundt cake! Aside from being a plethora of ingredients, but such is with any red velvet recipe from scratch, it is super easy and the best part is that you just dump the entire batter into one pan and be done with it (for the most part!). I did find a tad challenge piping frosting on the angle of the bundt cakes side. It was a balance game of making sure your cream cheese frosting is soft enough to pipe, but not too soft that it will just drip down the sides of the cake. None the less it was a success! Below I will link this recipe because it is too delicious not to share. My favorite part about this recipe is the option of adding in chocolate chip morsels and it just makes the cake wow!


Aside from this delicious treat, there have been so many baked things I’ve tried since I last posted and I wanted to share some of my absolute faves! As much as I would like to share them all, I don’t want this post to drag on too long, but you can always follow me on Instagram @Phreya to see all of my baked creations!

So let’s begin!

October is my fave time of year, as you’ve seen in my previous posts all of the pumpkin and apple desserts you can think of, but this is also Halloween month. Lots of ideas for baking and not enough time to bake them all, but the creative possibilities are endless.


One thing that I totally enjoyed making were these Halloween themed donuts. Found a simple vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet (of course!) cake donut recipe and purchased some Halloween colored candy melts to decorate these bad boys. They were a hit with the hubby, with my family and work!


One of the other things I really had fun making was the Halloween candy cookie cake! What’s better than a jumbo cake dish filled cookie? A jumbo cake dish cookie filled with your favorite Halloween candies! To name a few M&M’s, Hershey’s miniatures, and my ultimate go to Halloween treat candy corn. It is a super easy recipe, but more importantly, more fun to eat! Ultimate sugar rush.

November in itself is the month to think about spending time with family and food. Lots and lots of food.

Before all the hustle and bustle of planning out my dessert menu for Thanksgiving, my husband and I were able to spend a weekend in Anaheim, CA for Blizzon. Very briefly, if you have no idea what Blizzcon is (and most people don’t!) It is a 2 day event of all things gaming related to the Blizzard Franchise. We’ve been once before and were elated when we were able to get tickets again this year!


Aside from 2 days of non-stop gaming and panels, they have some pretty awesome food out there! Two words – Randy’s Donuts

Chocolate Donut with Sprinkles..nuff said.

Anyways, on to Thanksgiving! While my husband had to work, I made the trip up to PA to spend the time with my parents and family. My mom not only made a delicious and beautiful meal, but also helped me create some delicious desserts for the post Thanksgiving glutton fest.

Pumpkin Pie

The entire house smelled of delicious pies and cakes. I had decided for the menu to make the class apple and pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies for the kids and finally a white chocolate raspberry swirl cheesecake. My dad loves cheesecake and I wanted to try it out. So it was my first time attempting a cheesecake. Purchases my springform pan and everything. In the end it came out amazing! It totally gave me the courage to try other cheesecake recipes in the future (as you will see 🙂 ).

Classic apple pie, yum!

And finally we are at December, the end of 2016. When I think of the Christmas season I pretty much think of 2 things. Gingerbread and cookies, lots and lots of cookies. And pretty much that was what the month was. Every week a different cookie which I really enjoyed.

Spritz Cookies

This all lead up to a 2 day cookie bake-a-thon for Christmas day. I made 6 different types of cookies and they were an absolute hit with my family!


With the holiday season officially behind us, I look forward to baking some more creative and interesting things. Hopefully trying out some things I haven’t before and getting out of my comfort zone of baking.

Hoping to blog more in 2017!

Red Velvet Bundt Cake – Recipe from Tastes Better From Scratch

Please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @Phreya to see all my baked creations!


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